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What is the cheque ribbon?

A ribbon for cash registers in the circles of professionals is usually named a cheque rarer by a cash ribbon. Ribbons on the amount of layers, method of printing, width of ribbon, outward diameter of roller (or length of ribbon) and internal diameter of hob differentiate.

• Onelayer ribbon - consists of one layer of offset paper.

• Termoribbon - termobumagi consists of one layer, the image on which appears under act of temperature.

Our company offers a cash ribbon from termo paper, offset paper. We make such ribbon, by any parties under the order. Hobs for all types of ribbon are used only cardboard. Causing of the coloured (usually red) bar on the last meters of ribbon is an obligatory condition. Appearance of ribbon with such bar on an exit from a cash register shows that a ribbon soon will end and it is time to change a roller.

Termoribbon consists of one layer of paper with inflicted on him termoactive coverage. A paper is used the same, that and for
productions of rollers for faxes. Closeness of paper basis from 48 to 55 g/m.kv., and there sometimes are producers, winding rollers from a termo paper greater closeness, and than by sight the rollers look anymore at the same or even to less length of ribbon.

Shortly about raw material, which a ribbon for cash registers, which we offer you, is done from. Policy of our company - only high-quality commodities, and

therefore at us there is no ribbon from utility waste or unhigh-quality sorts of offset. For termoribbon we use the paper of the known German company Kohler.

Rollers from termo paper - the image on a termoactive paper is created thanks to the point heating of cash ribbon in places

collisions with the head of termoprinter, as a result of darkening of paper from heating. Thus, printing is carried out cash cheque.

What is the termolabel (termo cheque).

We produce, we supply in any region of Ukraine of termolabel with printing, termolabel without printing, termolabel with a standard net and with Your bright and colourful logotype.

Termolabel TermoEko (termo-eko) - paper without sheeting by a closeness 60 and 80 g/kv.m, is used, when storage and transporting of the label-packing is not required. These termolabel differ by the high contrasting of image and become more attractive read stroke of code. Speed of printing of termoprintera - to 10 d/sek. Termolabel TermoTop (termo-top) - paper with sheeting by a closeness to 80 g/kv.m. for printing of labels in the places of mass label-packing of food stuffs, when the further transporting or storage of products is assumed, in particular case such how meat, fish, is. A protective layer protects stickers from contamination, moisture and mechanical damages. These termolabel can be used in moist terms and at low temperatures. Speed of printing of termoprinter - to 16 d\sek.

We volunteer services in printing on the termoprinter of labels in rolls by the small drawing. Term of making from 1 o'clock of to 2 days with
by free development of design.

• Maximally stable quality of printing of termolabel

• Free departure of manager (within the limits of Lugansk and Poltava areas.).

• Free
development of design-model

• Urgent making of
termolabel from 5 days

Standard label 58х40, 58х60, 58х30

Personal label 58х40, 58х60


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